August 6 - August 30, 2015
Curated by The Dept. of Signs and Symbols
54 Hudson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Opening reception: Thursday, August 6, 6 - 8 p.m.

The Dept. of Signs and Symbols is pleased to announce the exhibition: LIMIT WORK, Steph Gonzalez-Turner’s first solo exhibition. The exhibition will feature a series of hand-sewn acid-dyed silk paintings, along with an installation of the artist’s density columns created in situ. The body of work explores the intersection of craft traditions with a medical narrative in both process and material. LIMIT WORK will be on view from August 6 through August 30, 2015. An opening reception will be held on Thursday, August 6, from 6 - 8 p.m.

LIMIT WORK, the exhibition title, comes from a term coined by the feminist scholar Elisabeth Grosz to describe the seemingly paradoxical proposition that “‘the outside’ only makes sense in relation to what it is not – the inside.” In considering existence and knowledge through this threshold, “the limit itself is an intercorporeal space, where the extreme body is opened, altered, and created.” Accordingly, Gonzalez-Turner’s silk paintings, which utilize the same acid dyes used in medical research, reference the interior body and its varied landscape of organic materials. The corporeal abstraction in the works deftly juxtaposes irregularity and deformation with beauty and delicate materiality, all while miming biological cycles of repair and regeneration. Gonzalez-Turner’s investigations of the body, a central subject in feminist art and theory, and her employment of textile art as her medium, with its long history as an interrogation of gendered craft, synthesize concerns and open up new dialogues in feminist art discourse through a prism of science, a traditionally male-dominated field, mirroring the paradoxical nature of Grosz’s theory.

The Density Columns are composed of stacked, dyed liquids, alternating hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances and dyes. Each column is made site-specific in reaction to and working with the light in the space. Untended, the columns will collapse and decay over time. They are living elements in need of nurture and maintenance from the artist. It is this relation to science, nature and the human body that ties the viewer to the work.

Steph Gonzalez-Turner lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She earned her BA at the University of Pennsylvania in 2006 and will begin the Yale MFA program in painting and printmaking this fall. This is Gonzalez-Turner’s first solo exhibition.

The Dept. of Signs and Symbols is a laboratory for innovative experimentation and expression. The curatorial program serves to nourish emerging artists, to disinhibit the ordinary and to incite the unexpected. Focused on interaction and visible process, the project space allows for critical exposure for the artists, as well as a fostering of curatorial voices and collaboration. Through this crossing of art and life, a constellation of people, ideas, backgrounds, intentions and dreams form. Open to the public and based within the distinctive neighborhood of Vinegar Hill, The Dept. of Signs and Symbols opened its door to the public in March 2015, with its inaugural exhibition presenting the work of Brooklyn-based artist Daniel Horowitz.

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